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About Virtual Spontaneous Selling Class

Are your buyers ZOOMed out in your sales conversations (if you can even get them on a call or Zoom)?

Authentically connecting with your buyers in way that quickly creates trusting relationships during a crisis and the inability to meet in person does not have to be challenging!

Buying is more emotional than ever and we can help you improve your skills to get buyers out of their “the sky is falling” mindset. There’s too much noise out there! Texting and emailing is just not enough!

It’s time to get spontaneous! Read more about the power of spontaneity. 

Learn the same techniques improv comedians use to quickly relate to an audience and each other in person AND online! Our virtual Spontaneous Selling training series will teach you how to be a better listener, communicator and human being from the convenience of your desk.

In this virtual sales training series in partnership with Carolina Improv CompanyGina Trimarco will lead you through improv-based sales exercises just for sales professionals to improve interpersonal and relationship building skills quickly in the moment while keeping your buyers engaged (while distracted working from home).

This training goes beyond basic sales “techniques” and focuses on connecting with prospects and clients in a Zoom world so that you can have real conversations with empathy and emotional intelligence. This series includes homework and follow up exercises each week in between sessions!

It’s time to return to good old-fashioned relationship-based selling in an online world!

Program Outcomes:

  • Apply improv skills to improve active listening to hear needs, wants, fears and dreams
  • Use active listening to overcome sales objections
  • Learn how to listen with your eyes to read body language through a computer screen
  • Create collaborative relationships based on rapport and trust
  • Adapt to uncomfortable situations (awkward silences and objections)
  • Overcome the fear of failure and getting off the “script”
  • Find your story and learn how to turn it into a marketing message
  • Solve problems quickly in the moment

Who Should Attend: Sales Professionals, Sales Managers/Directors, Entrepreneurs, CEO Sellers

Format: One hour per week on zoom for 6 weeks; public and private programs available.

For a program just for your company team, email gina@ginatrimarco.com.

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