Picture of a man with an idea making a phonecall

Validate Others and “Call Back”

Making others look and feel good is the fastest way to improve your Improvised Intelligence™️.  Validating others and knowing how to “call back” (an improv performer term) will not only make others […]
Orange journal next to a coffee mug.

Active Communication: Listening and Observing

If you want to make people look and feel good, while building trust quickly, the best way to do it is through active listening and observation. Not just listening with your ears, […]
Woman smiling with the word accepted on her forehead

Acceptance vs. Agreement Without Judgment – The Power of “Yes, And”

If you want to make others “look and feel great,” all you have to do is accept where they are coming from. Accept it, without judgment, their thoughts, beliefs, values, mindset, resistance, […]
Woman teaching, pointing to blackboard

Leveraging Your IIQ (Improvised Intelligence™️)

You’ve heard of IQ. You may have also heard of EQ. Well, let me introduce IIQ – Improvised Intelligence™️.  My work in the area of and fascination with emotional intelligence inspired me […]
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